Federal Education Laws & Regulations

 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 

​IDEA Federal Statute 20 USC Chapter 33-source: Cornell 

​Part 300's IDEA Federal Regulations 

No Child Left Behind 

Federal Statue 20 USC Chapter 70 -source: Corne

Long Island Advocacy Center Fact Sheets 

Special Education Fact Sheet in Spanish

Consejos para Completar tu educación

Graduation Tip Sheet in Spanish 


How to File a State Complaint

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

Due Process 


Links to Community Based Organizations

Information and Referral  

NYS Education Laws and Regulations

NYS Diploma Options

NYS Diploma Requirements updated  1/2019 

CHART- Diploma and Non-Diploma Options Updated April 2019


What is the Eligiblity Criteria for a Students to be NYS Alternately Assessed? 

*Note- NYS AA students are only eligibile for the SACC attendence credential 

Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential- SACC

*SACC Replaces IEP Diploma for Students with Severe Disabilities that are NYS Alternately Assessed 

Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential Exit Summary 

(Checklist of Competencies by age 21)