Federal Education Laws & Regulations

 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 

​IDEA Federal Statute 20 USC Chapter 33-source: Cornell 

​Part 300's IDEA Federal Regulations 

No Child Left Behind 

Federal Statue 20 USC Chapter 70 -source: Corne

Long Island Advocacy Center Fact Sheets 

Special Education Fact Sheet in Spanish

Consejos para Completar tu educación

Graduation Tip Sheet in Spanish 


Alternative Dispute Resolution 

Due Process 


Links to Community Based Organizations

Information and Referral  

NYS Education Laws and Regulations

NYS Diploma Options

NYS Diploma Requirements updated  1/2019 

CHART- Diploma and Non-Diploma Options Updated April 2019


What is the Eligiblity Criteria for a Students to be NYS Alternately Assessed? 

*Note- NYS AA students are only eligibile for the SACC attendence credential 

Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential- SACC

*SACC Replaces IEP Diploma for Students with Severe Disabilities that are NYS Alternately Assessed 

Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential Exit Summary 

(Checklist of Competencies by age 21)